This summer Cristina and I took our girls, Josephine and Laurentina, to Southeast Asia to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali. We had an educational, inspirational and delightful journey. The girls were a bright light for the children in the tiny Vietnamese villages where we learned about fish farming, weaving and rice production. In Cambodia they were in good spirits even when we boarded our tuc tuc at 5am so that we could view the temples of Angkor Wat in a perfect morning light. Bali was a welcome rest as we were all pampered with massages, delicious fresh seafood and the most incredible views of the Indian Ocean (Thanks Chris!!).

Cristina and I managed to get a good deal of work done while we wandered, and I think we ended up with one of our best collections ever. We have Onda, the perfect “little black dress”… I have already tested it and can promise that it worked from breakfast on a lovely NYC terrace to dinner at The Crown that night … all I needed to do was make a quick shoe exchange after lunch. Cristina took a trial run with Lilly our beautiful silk printed dress and the next day she was bombarded with calls inquiring where and when the dress could be purchased. We have our usual gorgeous fabrics from Italy and lush cashmeres from Hong Kong all designed in classic, wearable styles.

Thank you for taking a look at our site. We cannot wait to hear what you think…

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